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SP’s Automated Tank Gauge anchored on to set pace for sector digitization

Written by: Dias Nyesiga
Thursday, August 15th, 2019, 2:25

Rwanda’s petroleum sector is yet to embrace digitization despite its vulnerability to errors which may lead to consumers being cheated and losses in business.


Most players have not yet deployed automated gauges to help remove human errors as well as any interactions that may result into tampering the reading from the meters on the tank at storage depot.


 But SP’s Automated Tank Gauge-ATG, the first of its kind in the region is   seen as a pace setter for the sector to go digital.


“The uniqueness of this system is that it is digitized and no measurement results can be altered unlike the manual where a staff can change temperature measurements,” said AlexandreNgendahimana, head of operations, SPLtd.


The Automated Tank Gauge-ATG,the latest digital measurement is used to ensure quality assurance, reshaping the most error prone petroleum sector.


SP, the leading fuel and gas supplier in the country operates a depot at Rusororo which also works as a reserve for other fuel dealers.


The gauge links the entire system from the tanks which are digitized to the control room where the measurements from the tank are directly collected and later sent to the office where receipts are issued. The system links other partners such as Rwanda revenue Authority-RRA thus increasing efficiency.

With ATG, the fuel Tank drivers get accurate liter measurements of what they have delivered to the depot or receiving from it(Storage Depot).


Accordingly, Temperature is central in measurements in the petroleum sector since it determines the amount of fuel to be dispensed from the tank. The standard temperature for precision dispensing is 20 degrees Celsius.


 As environment changes outside the tank, affecting the fuel inside, there is need to get different temperature reading during dispensing and gets the average that is relative, in manual, a staff can decide to alter the reading while in ATG everything is  calculated by the system.

“So the client is very confident that what they are buying from us is accurate because there are no errors in measurements,” he said.


To further ensure that consumers are not cheated especially through equipments such as meters which can lose precision, The Company ensures that all its measurement equipments are calibrated and a seal is put to avoid any tampering on the meter.

“When there is  a digital system  that monitors how much liters leaves the tank to my fuel tanker, am sure that  the liters I have delivered to the depot is correct,” Hussein Mohammed, a fuel tank  driver.

SP Ltd deals in Diesel, petrol, Kerosene, JET A1, H4, Lubricating Oils and has now entered into Gas business with its own GAS Filling Plant.



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