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Metrology services to bolster trade- standards Body says

Written by: Dias Nyesiga
Friday, August 9th, 2019, 1:48



In a bid to ensure quality and standard of products, there is need for businesses to embrace metrology services, the Rwanda standards Board-RSB has revealed.


The standards body says that ensuring right measurements of products can be achieved by making sure that the equipments used in making the measurements of products meet the verified precision as per national standards.


“When we talk about the science of measurements we are talking about accuracy, traceability, precision and reliability in different sectors in trade, health, transportation and other different services,” said Raymond Murenzi, Director General, Rwanda Standard board.


Accordingly, the equipments used in measurements such weights and balances are likely to lose precision due to different factors as Murenzi explains which is important to have them calibrated to make sure what is measured meets the set standard measurement of the product.


“We are offering calibration and verification services for different equipments used in trade, health, in transport sectors,” he said adding that this ensures that standards are traceable. “So it is very necessary that we have metrology services so that we can ensure that fair trade is respected,” he further noted.


Again, calibration of the equipments, experts say will also help protect consumers whereby they will be able to right measurements as mentioned by   the producer of the product as well as address disputes.


“When we are applying metrology services they support us to reduce disputes-for disputes where there is trade there is disputes and transaction costs-we need to make sure that disputes are resolved using metrology services,” Murenzi noted.


This is also to ensure that the consumers are protected against being cheated in the market by traders or other service providers and protection of consumers is key by ensuring the use of accurate measuring instruments,” he said.


Murenzi adds that to ensure that the equipment being used is calibrated and certified by the body, a track and trace system will be used where a label will be put on every equipment calibrated by RSB so that consumers can have confidence in what they are buying.


“ Whenever I go to buy fuel at the petrol station I first look for  an RSB sticker that  conforms that the dispenser was tested by RSB,” said Pierre Uwitonze, motorcyclist.


Rwanda standards board calibrates fuel dispensers across the country every after six months to ensure that the fuel dispensed meets the right measurements.


Also, metrology services help manufacturers to avoid losses through providing much in terms of measurements to clients due to equipments being higher than the standard precision.


“You see, when you want to pack a kilogram of flour and your equipments is not calibrated, it can measure one and half kilogram instead of one kilogram which means, we will be losing as a factory,” Deodenne  Ngezahayo, food production and quality control manager Sosoma industries limited.


Currently several producers such as industries, businesses in agro processing,  service providers  such as hospitals, energy regulatory body, construction companies, petroleum companies- such  petrol stations, laboratories, dealers in meters  and other scales ensure their equipments are calibrated by Rwanda standards board.



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