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Volkswagen sets to address technical hitches on its move platform

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Friday, August 9th, 2019, 1:36


Volkswagen mobility Solution Rwanda has announced it is resolving technical hitches on its move platform.

In a statement to the media, Volkswagen, which as a fleet of stylish Volkswagen vehicle across Kigali operating taxi services said adjustment of its pricing according to recent price regulations by Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA), the sector regulator caused hitches on its platform.

“The new pricing required technical changes on the Move Platform. The changes caused a series of momentary technical issues,” Nadege Gaju Head of Sales and Marketing said in a statement on Wednesday.

“VW Mobility team is following up on each cases diligently and attending to the queries of the affected clients to ensure that they are urgently resolve,” she adds.

Gaju says that the adjustment which is aimed at ensuring that their clients get the best of the ride with the VW fleet saw some clients failing to acquaint with it.

“The pricing model is based on time and distance. The time factor varies depending on the traffic and this can result in slight price differences on the same distance,” Gaju said.

The Move Ride model, used across by taxi service providers across the world is new on the Rwandan market, which Gaju acknowledges “that it will take time for all our customers to be accustomed to the pricing model.”

The “Move Ride” is a solution that provides a client access to a driven car at the push of a button and operating 24 hours and seven days. A client together with their colleagues, according to VW, “can get a ride in Volkswagen vehicles for your personal needs, picked up on demand when you need to where you need to.” 

Since its launch in February this year, the Move Ride service has been well received in Rwanda creating yet another milestone in the country’s fragile taxi service sub sector which is sprouting into yet another lucrative business after the motorcycle sub sector.

“Volkswagen Mobility Solutions continues to strive for excellent service to ensure that all the customers are entirely satisfied,” she said.

Accordingly, the VW Move Fleet in Rwanda is offering brand new, assembled-in-Rwanda and environmental friendly cars to the local customers.


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