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Police deploys at Ugandan Ptr. Bujingo’s Church

Written by: George Kalisa
Sunday, July 14th, 2019, 11:47

Ugandan Police have today confirmed to local media that they had deployed at the controversial Aloysius Bujingo’s Church, saying it was a preventive measure of looming crime.


The police however denied that they arrested the City pastor and dismissed the social media post that went viral on social media as “fake news”.


The Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga told local media that they deployed "to encounter suspected groups planning to breach the peace and safety of worshippers (...)"


Kampala City Pastor Bujingo’s remarks on his wife, Teddy Naluswa widely perceived as crude, had attracted anger from a big section of people who posted criticism on social media.  


The Separation of Teddy and Bujingo recently attracted media coverage.  


The Pastor had told worshippers that he tolerated his wife’s chronic bleeding for ten years last week triggering anger from several people including women’s human rights activists.


Naluswa reportedly told the media that Pastor Bujngo abandoned the home and hipped adultery accusations on him.  


However, the storm settled after Pastor Bujingo apologized to his wife in public on Saturday.


“I did not intend to offend my wife Teddy Naluswa, my children and women,” Bugingo told his congregation in Kikono, suburb of Kampala.


“I was surprised by the reaction of the women on the matter. Many threatened to involve the Speaker of Parliament on the matter. Others wrote to Uganda Communication Commission to get me off air. But from the bottom of my heart I apologize because I did not intend it,” he added.

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