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Sons of Korah International: Preaching the Gospel alongside fighting moral decadence through community outreaches

Written by: George Kalisa
Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, 4:17

“Influence and transform generations” is the motto of a Rwandan youth ministry dubbed Sons of Korah International headquartered at Pefa, Gikondo in the City of Kigali since it was founded in 2014 by the two brothers – Jackson Mugisha and Gabriel Dubier Mucyo.


The Light Magazine’s George Kalisa held a one-on-one interview with Mugisha who revealed that the mission of the ministry is to preach Jesus Christ’s Gospel and create “impact on the young generation through biblical principles”.


“We preach the Gospel especially in schools, markets and Churches in order to build and expand the kingdom of God,” observed Mugisha.


Mugisha said that apart from spreading the Gospel they creat awareness on the consequences of youth indulgence in immoral and addictive behaviours like drug use and fornication among other habits that have taken their toll on the Rwandan youth,


Sons of Korah International ministry in Rwanda has carried out outreaches in Nyagatare, Huye, Gahanga and other parts of the country where thousands of youth converted and started to appreciate positive living more so Christian living.

Many Rwandan youths have quit drugs and several unproductive activities as a result of the youth outreaches by Sons of Korah.


On the 25th liberation anniversary Mugisha called on youth to take part in the rebuilding of the new Rwanda, adding that the country’s leadership and the Church look to the youth as strong and intelligent people who form a formidable force that can be entrusted with the responsibilty of building the Church and rebuilding Rwanda and taking forward the liberation of the country.


This ministry has presence in many countries including the US, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi and China.


One can always access their day-to-day activities through social media platforms like Facebook [Sons of Korah International], SoK TV on Youtube and Instagram.


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