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Kigali Archdiocese opens CHAPELLE St. GERARD in Rulindo District

Written by: George Kalisa
Friday, June 7th, 2019, 11:00

Kigali Archdiocese Archbishop Antoine Kambanda has today celebrated the mass during the official opening of St. GERARD Chapel at College Fondation SINA GERARD in Rulindo Catholic Parish. Bishop Kambanda called on Christians packed in the Chapel's Compound to search God other than material things like money which become idols to them.


Kambanda reminded the huge congregation that Jesus Christ loved mankind and left His glory to live with them and hence God should be put above earthly treasures.


"Christ loved us , died for us and we should welcome Him in our lives and seek holiness," Archbishop Kambanda said.


“Children, parents and all people should use this Chapel to search God,” Archbishop Kambanda told throngs of Christians that gathered for the first mass despite of morning rain and cold weather.


Ruhengeri Diocese Bishop Vincent Harorimana assisted the Archbishop in the mass.  


The Chapel has been constructed by the Founding Director of Urwwibutso Entreprise and Rwanda’s business tycoon, SINA Gerard.

Archbishop Antoine Kambanda (extreme left) cutting the ribbon at the official opening of CHAPELLE St. GERARD in Rulindo Parish (PHOTO/George)


Throngs of Catholic Christians and guests from near and far attended the first mass    


“People need to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ , the Son of God who came to live with us, for He is the source of life,” said His Eminence the Bishop of Kigali in the first sermon in this Chapel.  


St. GERARD Chapel is located on the peak of Mt. Tare just on the premises of College Fondation SINA GERARD. And, about three kilometres from the main city of Rulindo District locally known as Nyirangarama.


Nyirangarama is famous for its high quality refreshments such as Akandi natural mineral water, juices of all tribes and the SINA GERARD schools.

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