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Kirehe leaders commend SEVOTA for uplifting livelihoods of 1994 genocide survivors

Written by: George Kalisa
Monday, June 3rd, 2019, 7:33

Kirehe District leaders June2 commended the Solidarity for Blossoming of Widows and Orphans (SEVOTA) for the partnership with the government to empower the women survivors of the1994 genocide against the Tutsi and their children through sensitisation on positive living and unfailing support over the last 25 years.


“As local leaders we particularly thank the several organisations that have and continue to work in partnership with the government to restore hope and uplift livelihoods of genocide survivors and their children. SEVOTA and similar non-profit organisations like the Catholic Church have played a key role,” observed Vestine Muhawenimana, charged with social affairs in Gatore Sector.


“We are grateful to SEVOTA for complementing the government programmes in promoting social protection to vulnerable segment of the Rwandan populace particularly the women survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi and their children. Besides standing with them socially through sensitisation on appreciating that they belong to the wider Rwandan society, SEVOTA provides support mostly in form of livestock and poultry, and building houses for those who were left homeless in 1994,” added Muhawenimana.


Muhawenimana remarked during SEVOTA’s visit to Fortine Muhorakeye of Nyamiryango village and Florence Mukanirore at Rugina both of whom are beneficiaries.


Earlier in the day, the SEVOTA staff had visited Felicite Mukamusangwa of Kavuzo cell in Kigina Sector.


There were emotional eruptions of spirited jubilations in the homes of the families of beneficiaries when they saw SEVETO’s Founder and Coordinator Godelieve Mukasarasi flanked with her staff each carrying Agaseke k’Amahoro (a symbol of the peace, unity and reconciliation) and gifts – an act that SEVOTA carries out particularly in the 100 days of genocide commemoration to continue standing with the survivors.


Muhawenimana noted that the spirited singing and dancing of the beneficiaries’ families, their friends and village folks aligned with the government's programmes of improving the citizens’ welfare as well as a visible sign of celebrating the achievements.


She said that the Rwandan government had in the last 25 years done what it has taken to enhance welfare of the vulnerable section through various programmes like VUP, Girinka, Ubudehe and providing shelter.


On the upcoming 25th liberation anniversary Muhawenimana called Rwandans in Gatore and in the country to continue supporting the RPF-Inkotanyi-led government for its people-centred and inclusive governance, stressing that the current development is a result of uncompromised commitment to deliver the country from the consequences of its bad history.


“RPF is the engine of the government,” she said.


               Madam Vestine Muhawenimana (PHOTO/Eric Nzabirinda)


Mukasarasi said the peace, security, sustainable national development, unity and cohesion Rwandans enjoy today justify their anticipation to celebrate the 25th liberation anniversary on July4. She reminded the crowds of Rwandans that there are Rwandans who sacrificed everything including life to have this peace.


“There are Rwandans who sacrificed their lives to liberate this country. Even after eight at night you can set off from Kirehe for Rusizi or Rubavu and you are sure of the security all the way, a departure from the past days before the RPF-Inkotanyi liberated this country which we proudly love today,” observed Mukasarasi.


Mukasarasi reiterated the urgency to continue supporting the RPF-led government its commitment to change the lives of its people seen in the different home-grown solutions such as “Ndi Umunyarwanda”, performance contracts, Agaciro, Kwigir, Ubudashyikirwa et cetera.


“As SEVOTA, we visited Kayiranga’s family not only as parents but also to continue propagating the government programmes mostly those related to peace, security, unity and reconciliation, and improving the welfare of Rwandans,” said Mukasarasi.


Apart from international accolades, Kamonyi District recognized Godelieve Mukasarasi, for her selfless and outstanding contribution in rebuilding the then torn Rwandan society after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, particularly by helping genocide widows and their children recover from trauma, and appreciate that they could still live in dignity together with Rwandans as one people.


Hence, her District bestowed upon her a prestigious title for her work locally known as Umurinzi W’Igihango before she was awarded Nzambazamariya Veneranda, a Rwandan prize for individuals a positive image and dignity of women.

    Vestine Muhawenimana, in charge of social affairs in Gatore Sector addressing jubilantees (PHOTO/Eric Nzabirinda).

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