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REMA lauds varsity students for environmental conservation initiatives

Written by: George Kalisa
Saturday, June 1st, 2019, 3:07

Green Hills Academy wins national debate during activities marking the World Environment Day on Saturday


Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) officials have today lauded University students brought together under a non-governmental organization dubbed The Green Fighter for their efforts to create awareness on several environment challenges including pollution and desertification.


The Green Fighter is a youth-led environment NGO in Rwanda that aims to contributing to the promotion of environmental protection and community health sustainability through partnership with local and international organisations. It’s headquartered in Nyarugenge Campus in the capital Kigali.  


 “The activities are commendable, very relevant because it’s an organisation of University youth who understand the environment challenges in Rwanda,” Juma Nsanzimana, in charge of Environment Education at REMA told the Light Magazine during the opening of this year’s students’ environment activities today at College Doctrine Vitae, Ndera - suburb of the City of Kigali.


“The efforts complement government’s efforts to sensitize Rwandans on taking appropriate actions towards preserving the environment, everyone’s contribution is needed if we’re to realize the set goals,” added Nsanzimana.


Nsanzimana said that REMA is currently in partnership with the Rwanda Education Board (REB) to incorporate Environment in all the subjects with the ultimate goal of introducing Environment as a subject on Rwanda’s education curriculum in the future.  


The Green Fighter organizes various environment awareness activities such as inter-school debate and speech competitions as well as visits to upgrade their experience and knowledge, especially during the National Environmental Week [May25-June5].


This year’s theme is Beat Air Pollution.  


Schools that participated in this year’s debate include; College Doctrine Vitae (the host), Green Hills Academy, Lycée Notre Damme de Cîteaux, Kagarama Secondary School, Petit Seminaire St. Kizito (Zaza) and Sait Vincent Muhoza while the Toastmasters from Tres, Ijwi Akilah Gravel, IPRC and 1Rwanda exhibited oratory skills and knowledge in environment issues during speeches competition.    


Green Hills Academy (GHA) beat Lycee Notre Dame de Cîteaux in the finals. The winners argued that it would be irrational to pursue development at the cost of life.


 "Why pursuing the development in a way of putting ourselves in position to pay for our oxygen?" wondered GHA.


"Carbon taxes can be a way the government can contribute to the reduction of air pollution in Rwanda" said Goyal, a GHA student during the national debate.

                 GHA debators posing for a photo after winning (PHOTO/ Eric Nzabirinda)


Mr. Emmanuel Karangwa, one of founders of The Green Fighter and the Chief Operative Officer (COO) said that they have so far created environment awareness among 1,500 students in at least 10 schools in Nyarugenge District. The Green Fighter was founded by students at the University of Rwanda -College of Sciences and Technology in 2017.


Also, the association sensitizes the youth on the utilization of the resources to allay wastage as well as addressing desertification through community awareness on its effects and solutions such as use of energy alternatives to combat it.  


“We have been sensitizing the youth to use resource like food and water sparingly serving what they can consume to avoid waste," said Karangwa.


The activities were organized by The Green Fighter in conjunction with REMA, IDEBATE, TOASTERMASTER and FUSCIA.  

                   Juma Nsanzimana (Extreme left) PHOTO/Eric Nzabirinda), Grace Ineza Umuhoza, CEO of The Green Fighter (extreme right) PHOTO/Eric Nzabarinda

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