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Rwanda accuses Uganda of hosting and supporting terrorist activities

Written by: George Kalisa
Thursday, March 14th, 2019, 4:39

Amidst tensions Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and government Spokesperson Dr. Richard Sezibera has today said in a statement that neighbouring Uganda hosts and supports armed groups and terrorist organisations that pose a security threat to Rwanda.


“The presence of armed groups and terrorist organisations hostile to Rwanda, including RNC, FDLR and others, who are supported in their activities, including recruitment, by institutions and officials of the Government of Uganda. The details of these concerns have been repeatedly communicated to the Government of Uganda,” said the statement.


“The fate of hundreds of Rwandans, whose names are known to the Government of Uganda, who have been killed, arrested, incarcerated without consular access and tortured, nor the close to one thousand illegally deported to Rwanda in inhumane conditions,” .added the statement.


The statement further says that the ongoing insecurity faced by Rwandan nationals in Uganda cannot allow free movement of goods and persons. “It is not possible to have free trade including free movement of goods if traders are killed, tortured, extorted and their property are illegally seized. These are the fundamental issues that need to be addressed. Claims that Rwanda has instituted trade embargo on Uganda are as untrue as they are diversionary”.


On Wednesday Uganda’s Foreign Affairs ministry accused Rwanda of closing the border and imposing trade embargos on all the Ugandan goods.


“What is happening on the ground is that export of Ugandan goods to Rwanda have been prohibited by Rwanda authorities,” said Sam Kuteesa, Uganda’s Foregn Affairs Minister.


“The same authorities are only allowing crossing into Rwanda those trucks carrying transit goods destined for Rwanda or transiting through Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and other places. “Goods from Rwanda and Rwanda registered trucks are not being allowed to cross over from Rwanda into Uganda by the Rwanda authorities,” he added.


Close to two weeks ago Rwanda closed the main border with Uganda at Gatuna to allow the completion of a one stop border point, and advised Rwandan nationals not to cross into Uganda, citing lack of guaranteed security for their lives.


Rwanda says over 900 Rwandans have been killed, tortured, deported /or detained in military cells and safe houses by the Kampala regime in the last two years.

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