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Kagame roots for a win-win Africa-Europe partnership

Written by: George Kalisa
Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, 1:48

Rwandan leader and Chairperson of the African Union (AU), President Paul Kagame has said that building upon ongoing efforts towards forging a new relationship between Africa and Europe was main reason for the forum in the Austrian capital Vienna.   

Kagame cited the Abidjan Summit, the Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and jobs launched by President Juncker as milestones of the partnership.  He stressed that both Africans and Europeans should be winner in a new relationship.


“We want a broad and durable partnership that stands the test of time. That means there is going to be mutual benefit. Africa gains and Europe gains(…),” said Kagame today while addressing leaders at the African-Europe2018 Forum he co-chaired with his counterpart also the current President of Africa-Europe Forum, Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


Kagame observed that more cooperation is needed in boosting “innovation and private-sector exchange and create good jobs for our young people”.


He called on leaders to see Africa as a source of opportunity rather than risk where “challenges can be effectively managed in the wider context of our relationship”.


The AU Chairman argued leaders in the public and private sectors to transform the mindsets of the people to appreciate innovation and digitalization to accelerate economies, adding the AU bloc had already invested enormous efforts alongside prioritizing ICT in African governments.  

                            British PM Theresa May and President Kagame

“Through the African Union Commission and the Smart Africa initiative, we are also working to harmonise the regulatory environment for information and communication technologies (ICTs) and link our digital infrastructure,” said President Kagame.


Kagame underlined the importance of Africa’s continent market. “This is particularly the case as Africa seeks to multiply the scale and complexity of our economy through the new Continental Free Trade Area”


Earlier in the day Kagame called on leaders to raise above individual interests to effectively deal with global issues such as security, migration, climate change and economic progress.


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