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RWANDA’S COURTS: Independently and adeptly deliver on justice

Written by: George Kalisa
Saturday, December 8th, 2018, 3:44

The judiciary outsmarted the West in Rwigara case by acting independently and competently 


Rwanda has massively invested in developing the capacity of her institutions, including the judiciary for the last two decades or so to the extent that it has won unwavering trust from all citizens in as far as autonomy and competence are concerned.


This was the very reason behind widespread shock in the country over the moral authority and credibility of a handful of the US congressmen and women brought together under the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC) in attempting to influence the outcome of the Rwanda courts on the case of Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara.


At the end of the day, they stomached down the embarrassment when their opulent and biased media outlets and other “authors” of human rights deleted their draft stories and fumbled to write Rwanda’s High Court verdict. The scenario  gave them an experience of the biblical rapture.


“Individuals who criticize Kagame or openly challenge his administration are often the targets of government reprisals. Numerous opposition leaders have been arbitrarily arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. Close family members, employees or associates of such government critics have also found themselves targeted for arbitrary detention as a form of pressure or retaliation (…),”the TLHRC said Decemer4 in a statement two days shy of the Rwigaras’ verdict.


The jubilations in the packed courtroom, the singing and dancing in the High Court premises on the Dee day spoke volumes of delivered justice rendering the sugarcoated and venom-saturated Western editorials about the lack of justice in the east African nation misplaced and became as wasted as the Devil’s sermon in Heaven.   


Gone are the days when non-Africans would succeed in demonizing African justice systems and leaders. And, the ill-motives behind the statements of some fierce, venom-pregnant human right actors will never derail Africa’s efforts to create #TheAfricaWeWant – one defined by justice, peace, unity and prosperity.


Some simply wish to remain relevant at the cost of peace on the Continent to justify the exorbitant salaries they get when innocent people are dying of hunger in Yemen in a war their masters allegedly have a hand in.


The more Africans become united and peaceful the more the possibility of pilfering Africa's resources by the West tends to zero, a reason behind huge investments in propagating hostility in the Continent.


However, African leaders reiterate with one voice that they will only appreciate and promote win-win partnerships between other continents as opposed to patronizing, exploitative, antagonistic and selfish ones, which seem to propel their agenda on the Continent.  


How Western media exploit Africa’s opposition to explode in-built bias and ignite hostility for own benefit  


True. Diane Rwigara was charged of inciting insurrection and falsification of electoral signatures while her mother Adeline Rwigara was charged of promoting sectarianism, ethnic division and inciting violence. Rule of law returned to Rwanda nearly 25 years ago. Hence, this was and still is a constitutional duty of the judiciary to charge and try suspects.


The High Court just like other courts exclusively enjoy the preserve to acquit or convict a suspect in the due course of delivering justice and falls under their Constitution right and/or duty. This is the very point the US congressmen and their friends missed when they claimed they had mounted pressure on the Rwandan government. But, they are called senators of the US. 


Equally true, her political weight is overrated by African haters to present the 37-year old as an alternative leader to President Paul Kagame by intentionally applying adjectives such as "fierce", "no nonsense", principal" et cetera whenever they refer to her. Observers say, she can barely lead any of Rwanda’s 30 districts leave alone a Secondary school.


Several independent political observers share the view that Diane Rwigara is a mere rabble-rouser without an alternative manifesto to that of RPF-Inkotanyi party. They further contend that her short-lived fame was created by the Western media obsessed with the mandate of propagating wishful thinking of their masters who exclusively seek to derail Rwandans #TheRwandaWeWant.


The fact that her political profile had started in 2017 when she expressed her interest to run for presidency was undermined and swept under the carpet by the kind of media to propagate selfish agendas of their masters in efforts to sustain neocolonialism at the time when China is giving them sleepless nights on the resource-rich Continent.


Yet, the world audience and some “colonized” Africans regard whatever rubbish the Western media puts down as a gospel truth. Change of mindset to appreciate the noble cause for peace and unity is urgent among African people. In a few words, most editorials on the Rwigara family were hugely misleading.    


The nagging media paint Africa’s opposition politicians the image of a roaring lion in order to get rid of competent and visionary leaders who make it difficult for their masters to steal Africa's resources and/or dump goods like second-hand clothes on the Continent.


Thanks to the independent Rwandan Courts that took time to establish the truth and hence let the dust settle through a judicial process that climaxed in the acquittal of Diane Rwigara, Adelinne Rwigara and four other relatives whose charges were dropped in absentia.


“We find that the prosecution charges do not have a basis and find Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara not guilty on all charges,” said the three-judge panel.


“The charges against both Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara do not have a basis and we find them not guilty on all charges,” added the presiding Judge Xavier Ndahayo.


All said, the outstanding challenge of Rwanda and Africa is to build a sound and credible Pan-African media that can effectively counterattack the Western media’s lies intended to exclusively tarnish the image of the Continent and stunt the young democracies and/or bury them.


Surprisingly, some African leaders glorify the Western media. For example, most leaders have a high propensity and obsession to grant audience to them in preference to home media. A double jeopardy it is! They come with premeditated interviews, which are made to sound credible with the statements the leaders give them.        



Rwanda condemns international community over attempts to influence her judicial process


Shortly after the Rwigara family was acquitted, Rwanda’s justice minister, Johnson Busingye issued a statement which strongly condemned the international community over attempts to interfere his country’s justice system. He said that the government will continue to study the implications of the court’s verdict on the case of Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara much as it respected it.      


“We condemn all attempts by external actors to inappropriately influence judicial processes in Rwanda” said the statement.


“The Government respects the court's verdict on the case of Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara and will carefully study its implications,” it added, “we will continue to vigorously enforce our laws on electoral integrity, public safety, and respect for the judiciary”.

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