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Rwanda High Court acquits Rwigaras, drops all charges

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Thursday, December 6th, 2018, 9:58

Former Presidential candidate, Diane Rwigara who has been facing a 22-year jail sentence for inciting insurrection and forgery of election signatures has today been acquitted citing lack of sufficient evidence.


Rwigara,37, is the President of the People Salvation Movement. Her mother Adeline Rwigara has also been acquitted.


She had allegedly submitted forged signatures to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to raise the mandatory 600 signatures which was one of the conditions for one to qualify for prudential candidate.


“Rwandan laws which align with the international conventions to which Rwanda is a signatory provide for the right of expression of one’s opinion bad or good but it becomes a crime when such opinions jeopardize national security,”  said court.

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