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WFM: Empowering families through women

Written by: George Kalisa
Monday, August 20th, 2018, 10:14

Women Foundation Ministries (WFM) is a non-government organization with no religious affiliation with a mission of changing and transforming women’s and young girl's livelihoods by empowering them to discover their potential and appreciate the true meaning of life for the betterment of their families and nation at large. 


After the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi most women and young girls lived in dire denial of a dignified life as a result of biting poverty, unemployment, trauma and desperateness of mind-boggling degrees set forth by the genocide.


The majority who came to WFM when it started in 2006 had lost hope of a meaningful life as pangs of poverty and unemployment bit deeper and deeper, domestic violence had taken a toll on many women and young girls whose lifestyles would perfectly be defined by envy, jealousy, contempt, torpidity, selfishness, intrigue, gossiping, drug addiction and all sorts of evil that are detestable to God.


According to true life testimonies, many of the women who had no refuge had conceded defeat and surrendered to the devil’s reign in their lives which made them live neighbours with perpetual affliction and anguish. Rwanda as a country which highly depends on human capital was losing very many that have tangibly widened the tax base after recovery.


However, God was neither asleep. He saw the sufferings of the women He had created in his own image and likeness and as helpers of men and pillars of families.


“A woman is a helper and hence the helper is stronger than the person receiving help and God breathed into the women all the attributes of good leadership, but the devil had blinded and debilitated them to become chronic dependents on men,” said Congolese Pastor Germaine Sokombi Ilunga while preaching on the second day of All Women Together conference held on August 15-18 at Radisson Blu & Convention Centre in the capital Kigali.


As God’s answer to the cries and agony of Rwandan women and young girls, He called and anointed Apostle AliceMignonne Kabera with three visions with which she has empowered women from all walks of life through WFM.


The three-mission vision

One is  evangelism [spiritual mission]: women used to read the word of God, the Bible, like any other literature book or a newspaper. Until they met Apostle Mignonne they would not understand the scripture and they had stunted spiritually when they were still young in salvation and despite the fact that they had confessed Jesus as their Saviour.


But, to date after accepting to share the Apostle’s vision, women in WFM study the Scripture and the Holy Spirit explains to them everything and it [Word of God] continues to change their spiritual life from one level to another.


Two, God gave her the mission to change women’s attitudes from living with a negative outlook to living with a positive outlook. Before, women shared the vision and anointment God gave Apostle Mignonne, women testified that they were preoccupied with unproductive and destructive activities including gossips –talking evil against fellow women and so on.


But, after redemption they support, encourage and counsel each other to move forward in the face of challenges - economic or otherwise.


This has resulted in the lifting of women’s wellbeing and above all in the reclamation of their souls through accepting Christ as their personal Saviour.

WFM receives women from all religious, social and cultural backgrounds no matter the situations they are in.


Lastly, is the mission to uplift the wellbeing of women and young girls. Before Apostle Mignonne’s calling, many women were exclusively dependent on men and were blinded to the fact that they too can rise up and work to improve their own wellbeing and families.

WFM encourages women to come out of the economic slavery, the closed box and be able to appreciate economic emancipation through sharing experiences, challenges and skills and accessing the omnipresent and passionate counsel of Apostle Mignonne. Also, they are happy to cease being the custodians of the kitchen to graduate as competitive partners with men in all the fields.


Now, most of the women have stood up and said enough is enough and have gone out to start working and are pro-active with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They encourageone another and as we talk there are living testimonies that the government revenues have upped as a result of increased women’s participation and contribution in the Rwandan economy. Many of them are into business and service sectors.


Hitherto to Apostle Mignonne’s vision most Pastors’ wives had false contentment and had though were entitled to the comfort zone so much that they needed not to offer their own contribution to the Kingdom of God simply because their husbands were Pastors and/or Ministers in the Church. When they joined WFM, their potential was unlocked to start serving God with soul and mind individually and WFM is proud of their success stories.


Several youths who were married to drugs have been redeemed and now they are productive and build the Kingdom of God using their various talents such as singing and preaching. 


Living Testimony 

Whoever joins WFM their lives do not remain the same. They grow socially, economically and above all they receive salvation by accepting Jesus Christ.


The WFM is a large family where women continually receive encouragement and support with which they grow stronger and stronger in finances and faith.


Each year they grow from glory to glory under the stewardship of Apostle Mignonne, the founder of WFM who has trained many women to serve God and support fellow women. Over the last 12 years the Ministry has empowered and inspired millions of women from within and outside Rwanda to offer the contribution in different fields where they are seen change agents.


All Women Together 2018


Listening to the electrifying testimony of Ugandan Pastor Judith of Miracle Centre in Ntugamo District provides an insight into how WFM has been a source of empowerment and inspiration among women who were downtrodden by life challenges including culture.


“When I came to WFM in Kigali I was empowered and with the anointment I received I started a Church in Ntungamo District where I serve as a Pastor besides owning a brand new car, a dream that would never come to pass if I had not met Apostle Mignonne, ” testified Pastor Judith.  


A visibly happy lady who works in the Chamber of Commerce said during the 8th annual All Women Together conference that “when women accepted Jesus Christ to be the master of their lives and with the guidance of WFM the government revenues started increasing day by day as a result of women’s engagement in economically productive activities.”


Pastors from Africa and beyond the Continent preached at this year’s conference whose theme was, “From victims to champions”. They included: Pastor Jeanne Monney from Ivory Coast and the US Pastor Leontine Dan Yapo.


The Conference also attracted celebrated Nigerian based Kenyan Gospel singers Emmy Kosgei Madubuko, a wife to a renowned Nigerian Pastor and Mercy Masika from Kenya.


God raises women in the tent but has not forgotten men

                                    Mr. Eric Kabera, Mignonne's husband

During the conference Apostle Mignonne who said she had overflowing and burning messages called on the women dominated Christian congregation to always look in the “mirror” to evaluate their spiritual lives and erase anything on them that displeases God (Exodus39:8ff), stressing that “in our calling there many challenges and trials that may derail us from holy living. women were guards at the entrance of the tent and each one of you is a guard, in your salvation people will call you anything. Tell your neighbor that God has raised you as a guard and God has given you a mirror to assess your spiritual calling as the heathen are bound to call you anything, ” said Apostle Mignonne.


“Your mirror will never tell you lies, your God has given you a mirror to help you know the prophecies he makes on your life, beware people may flatter and paint you with any dirt,” she added.  


“Women, you need to know that when you serve the Lord the reward is favour and the Lord anoints you, adding that Esther prayed for three days and the king got perturbed,” said the Apostle. She argued women to be obedient to their husbands.


“Abraham received the visitors while his wife, Sarah, was in the tent preparing for them,” she said, “God upholds gender balance and when Sarah received a prophesy it was attributed to Abraham.”



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