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Police re-arrests Bobi Wine, Court Martial drops charges

Written by: Jacqueline Kabagwira & George Kalisa
Thursday, August 23rd, 2018, 6:15

Uganda’s reggae musician turned opposition politician and legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been rearrested by Police after the Court Martial had dropped earlier charges against him.


Kyagulanyi who left the Court Martial premises in Uganda’s northern town of Gulu Thursday morning is transferred to civil courts to face treason charges according to the arrest order issued by Director of Public Prosecution dated August22.


Kyagulanyi joins some other 32 including newly elected Arua municipality legislator, Kassiano Wadri.


“Hon. Kassiano Wadri and 31 other suspects appeared before the Chief magistrate of Gulu on charges of treason. The case was adjourned the 28th August, 2018 for mention. The charge sheet has been amended to include Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine who, we understand, is facing charges before the General Court Martial,” reads the statement in part.


“It is my understanding that the two cases originate from the same set of factors and it would amount to double jeopardy if Hon. Sentamu is tried in two separate courts over cases that originate from the same factors. Please consider letting Hon. Sentamu face trial in the High Court rather than before the Court Martial,” the statement added.     


President Museveni in the statement he gave on the eve of today’s ruling by the Court Martial, he said he has no power as President of Uganda to release embattled Bobi.  

“On the issue of releasing Bobi Wine and the others, the President of Uganda does not have such powers. Once somebody is arrested, charged and remanded, it is only two authorities who can release such people in any way: the Courts or the DPP withdrawing charges if the evidence is not enough. Let us therefore, wait for the Courts and see what they decide” Museveni said.

Kyagulanyi and other suspects will appear in court on August30.

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