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We came to ask Mother Mary to intercede for Uganda – Fr. Masaba

Written by: George Kalisa
Sunday, August 19th, 2018, 2:11

The huge number of Ugandan pilgrims at Kibeho would not go unnoticed during this year’s celebration of the Assumption of Mother Mary. George Kalisa spoke to Rev. Fr. Masaba John of God who led one of the enthusiastic groups from Uganda. Fr. Masaba said that apart from meeting the gifts of Mother Mary in Kibeho and singing the Magnificat the Lady of the Church sang(Luke1:39-59) they came to pray for the return of peace in Uganda.  Below are excerpts.


Q: Father, can you introduce yourself to millions of readers of The Light Magazine?


A: Glad meeting you, dear my brother Kalisa. My name is Masaba John of God of Lugazi Diocese and I am a student of Makarere University.


Q: Fr. Masaba, what is the significance of this day to Christians all over the world?


A: The Assumption of our Mother Mary is a solemnity among the many solemnities we have in the Catholic Church and it’s based on the significance of our Mother Mary as we all know that she’s the mother of Lord Jesus Christ through whom the Lord accomplished His mission of incarnation, the salvation of mankind through the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to redeem the world from sin.

We thank the Lord for choosing Mother Mary to become his tabernacle – the womb that carried him for nine months and looked after His human life and protect Him against any kind of human challenges.


Q: Then, Father what exactly makes Mother Mary so special to Christians?


A: Mother Mary is the next person to Jesus Christ to be assumed into Heaven – body and soul and through her we have this great anticipation and great belief, determination that as a human person who received that resurrection, who received assumption into Heaven - we too participating in the same Christian way, we are assured of that assumption to join the angels and the saints.


Q: Why was a pilgrimage to Kibeho your choice for the celebration of the Assumption of the Mother Mary?

                                                                                       Pilgrims during the mass on August15


A: And I take this opportunity to celebrate this special day this year 2018 in Kibeho for the great reason, we know in Africa that Kibeho is a special place where we had an apparition of our Mother Mary who anticipated what Rwanda went through and pleaded for people’s devotion to prayers, especially the prayer of Mother Mary, praying for Africa at large. So, I profit by this occasion to celebrate this day, to remember this day where the apparition of our Lady, the Lady of the Church, our Mother Mary appeared to the people.


It is a day of my pilgrimage with members from Nansana Parish who have made this pilgrimage to this special place of the apparition of Mary and we come take the graces where has Mary appeared, has left great, great graces as we all know the Catholic Church teaches us that Mother Mary is full of Grace, is blessed among women. So, we’re all blessed we’re full of graces if we’ve opportunities to celebrate such a great day in such places where she appeared.


We come also to sing the magnificat as she sang it herself as we experience it in Luke1:39-56 when she sang the magnificat –“My soul glorifies the Lord and spirit rejoices in the Lord my Saviour”. Thus, we come to sing the magnificat. We come to imitate her.


Q: What do you expect from Mother Mary to do for the pilgrims with her unfailing Grace?


A: We come to ask for our intercession, to grant us those graces and the simplicity she had as well as grant us the obedience she had to the Lord and doing His will and above all to say yes wherever we’re called upon to serve the Lord as Mary did. So, I am so grateful that the Lord has made this for me to come here and meet the gifts of Mother Mary in Kibeho.  


Q: Aside from the spiritual gifts do you have any particular needs you plan to present to Mother Mary?


A: I have come to pray for my country Uganda – I think the cry that Mother Mary made to Rwanda is the same cry she is making to Uganda. We should pray for our country, our continent and world because we’re born in the image and likeness of God. We must pray for peace and this peace is compulsory, solidarity is compulsory and this is the prayer of Mother Mary.


May we be lifted up in prayer, may she continue to intercede for us, to intercede for everyone who have made this pilgrimage. And, above all may we all receive the indulgences that are attached to such a pilgrimage that is made by a Christian.  


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