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Kagame highlights stoppages to fast-tracking good governance

Written by: George Kalisa
Thursday, August 9th, 2018, 2:47

President Paul Kagame has said that leaders’ pre-occupation with trivial issues for their selfish gains, communication gaps and coordination vacuum are among the outstanding challenges largely blamed for poor performance and underachievement in the country. He said that this affected the pace of achievement of the nation’s set goals as implementation of government programmes is dented by some "self-seeking leaders".


“For those who performed poorly, it's an issue of leadership. Leaders who spend their time in unnecessary wrangles, instead of fulfilling their responsibilities,” observed President Kagame today while presiding over the 2018/2019 Imihigo signing and dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies, a Constitution requirement under his mandate at Rwanda’s Parliament in the capital Kigali.


Lack of communication, common understanding, and coordination results in such poor performances,” he added.

Article 79 of the 2003 Constitution, amended in 2015 stipulates that “the President of the Republic shall dissolve the Chamber of Deputies at least 30 days and not more than 60 days before the expiry of its current members’ term of office” and hence “ paving way for the forthcoming elections of new Members of Parliament due next month”.


The President called on leaders to draw clear lines between the office and personal affairs or else they are bound to abuse office, a great disservice to Rwandans.  

“You must learn to separate your personal conflicts from that of the office you are appointed to and focus your attention on resolving issues that affect your communities. Using your position to solve personal issues and for personal gain is wrong,”


“What does it require of us to understand that we must work with each other? What does it take to deliver on our promises? Should we ask somebody else to teach us that too? Aren't we human like anybody else?” the President challenged the highly attentive House.


Aside from that the event is meant to assess the performance contracts locally called Imihigo of the previous year as they gear up to those of the forthcoming year.


To this effect, President Kagame said that performance contracts were synonymous with the duties of the national assembly which include assessment of Rwanda’s development journey vis-à-vis the set national targets and goals.  


“Performance contracts are linked to the responsibilities of Parliament since both are responsible for assessing where we come from, where we are and where we are headed. They also help us understand how far we've come and the pace needed to reach our goals,” said Kagame.


“Through Performance Contracts, we assess how best we can leverage the available means to achieve our set targets. This system helps us understand why we fall short on certain goals even when we have the means,” he added.


In September, Rwanda will hold Parliamentary elections highly expected to be won by the ruling party, RPF-Inkotanyi.

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