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Uganda to diversify exports through marijuana growing

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2018, 5:54

Marijuana is expected to increase Uganda’s main exports following a deal where an Israeli firm will start commercial marijuana growing in Uganda local media has reported today.


Together Pharma Limited, the firm in question says it has already secured a chunk of land in Uganda and contacted a cannabis seeds supplier in Netherland for marijuana readying itself for large scale production of the banned crop.


The officials at this Israeli firm said in the statement that activities related to production and marketing of this crop are scheduled to start January next year.  


“The order of the seeds represents an important milestone towards growing cannabis on a farm in Uganda and marketing produce to a Canadian customer by the beginning of next year,” Nissim Bracha, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, reportedly said in a statement.


The Ugandan Police, however, have distanced themselves from the ongoing deal between the government and the foreign firm and say the law will be followed accordingly adding that the possibility of supporting this move tended to zero.


“Ideally, if such an option was on the table, it would be handled by the health and internal affairs ministries and then the Police would come in. Without the Police, I do not see it happening,” he added. “There is no way the Police can give such approval. We are already having grave problems. It doesn’t matter the purpose of planting it. You cannot guarantee it won’t be misused. We would be doomed if the country chose that direction,” the Ugandan  Police Spokesperson said.

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