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Hope to end arms race suffers another blow as Russia embarks on testing nuclear weapons, again

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Thursday, July 19th, 2018, 6:20

A new twist of events has now emerged reversing what the world had seen as a breakthrough to the threat of the arms race between Russia and the West.


 The Associated Press reported Thursday in Moscow that Russia’s military was testing “an array of new nuclear and other weapons from a high-powered laser weapon system to a nuclear-powered cruise missile with unlimited range”.


The development comes three days after the US President Donald Trump and his counterpart President Vladimir Putin had concluded a Summit which attracted mixed reactions from observers about their commitment to find a lasting solution to the biggest threat in modern times.  


Now, Russia’s Defense Ministry has reportedly “made a string of announcements about progress on the weapons, unveiled in a speech by Putin barely four months ago.


“The ministry said it has tested the Burevestnik cruise missile on the ground and is now readying flight tests” AP reported Thursaday.


Officials added that the military are now practicing “use of the Peresvet high-powered laser weapon system, and launching trials of the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone”


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