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Butare Diocese pays tribute to St. Thérèse the Child of Jesus

Written by: George Kalisa
Wednesday, July 18th, 2018, 1:21

Throngs of mainly Catholic Christians gathered at Butare Cathedral in Huye District today to pay their respect to Thérèse the Child of Jesus whose remains arrived there in the afternoon amid high-spirited jubilations, dancing and singing of Christian songs.


Bishop Philip Rukamba who led the celebrations called on Christians to emulate the life of St. Thérèse the Child of Jesus who preached “little ways” and rendering every service to communities with Christ’s love   


The French Catholic became a Carmelite nun at an early age and died at the age of 24 after creating a great impact in the Catholic Church. Her remains have been taken around the Rwanda including Kagbayi Diocese and Gikongoro for Christians to pay their respect to her in accordance to the Church’s doctrine.


The Saint lived between 1873- 1897 and was canonized on May17,1925 during the reign of Pope Pius XI.


She desired to be a little one in spirit, and thenceforth with a childlike and perfect trust she surrendered herself entirely and forever to God, as to a most loving Father.


Dr. Pascal Bizimana who works with CHUB took about 30 minutes to explain the life and significance of St. Thérèse the Child of Jesus to the congregation as the her remains were placed at the Altar.


Dr. Bizimana urged Christians to do any works however little it may seem but with the love of Jesus Christ hence walking in the footsteps of St. Thérèse the Child of Jesus.


“With her teaching us the path to sanctity found in the midst of ordinary life Pope Pius X claimed Thérèse the "greatest saint of modern times" and on October 19th, 1997 Pope John Paul II declared Thérèse of Lisieux a Doctor of the Universal Church.

In teaching about her "little way" Thérèse writes in her autobiography:


"My mortifications consisted in breaking my will, always so ready to impose itself on others, in holding back a reply, in rendering little services without recognition, in not leaning my back against a support when seated, et cetera"


She believed a lot in mortification of her own self-will in order to offer herself to God through ordinary everyday living. She says:


"It was through the practice of these nothings that I prepared myself to become the financee of Jesus, and I cannot express how much this waiting left me with sweet memories."


 "I went to war against myself in the spiritual domain of self-denial and little hidden sacrifices. I found humility and peace in this hidden combat in which selfish nature can get no hold." She wrote.


Before the remains arrived at the Cathedral thousands of Christians and several men and women of God in the cassocks and veils had braved the scorching sun, singing and dancing with blatant anticipation in their face to look at her remains of the youngest Saint in the world.  

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