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Baby dies as Faysal Hospital separates conjoined twins

Written by: George Kalisa
Friday, July 6th, 2018, 12:48

In spite of high level medical expertise and intensive care a twin child who had been hospitalized for a bigger part of her lifetime has finally died following a surgical operation to separate the conjoined twins, The Light Magazine has learned.


According to Dr. Emmanuel Nkusi the kid that has been battling with respiratory illnesses was born on December1, 2917 to Anasthasie Kanakuze connected with her twin sister at the abdomen.


The doctors have, however, managed to save the life of the twin sister through a successful surgical operation on them that started on June29.


Dr. Nkusi has told the media that the surgical operation mainly intended to save the life of the healthy twin baby, adding that children normally born with such health complications are separated when they are old enough to make decisions pertaining to their health.


He said this helps them to cope with physiological changes.


“A surgical operation on conjoined children born in a similar situation is done after they have attained judgment to make a decision to separate them. This helps them cope with changes they will go through after being separated.  

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