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Human Rights body calls for probe into death of democracy activist in DRC

Written by: George Kalisa
Monday, June 11th, 2018, 9:14

Human Rights watch has called for an investigation into a mysterious house fire that killed youth leader Luc Nkulula, 33, on Sunday in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Nkulula who was one of the top leaders of the youth movement Struggle for Change (LUCHA) since it was born in 2012 had spent his time advocating for peaceful and democratic means of transfer of power in the war ravaged and wealth rich African nation.  


“The cause of the fire remains unknown, and may have been a criminal act. Congolese judicial authorities should carry out a credible, impartial investigation with support from the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Congo to establish the truth and bring those responsible for any wrongdoing to account,” said the statement, “Credibly Investigate House Fire That Killed Youth Leader Luc Nkulula”


The human rights body has said that before Nkulula met his death the Congolese security forces always arrested him during the peaceful protests that have characterized most the cities in the DRC for at least two decades. But, giving up on the plight of the Congolese people was not about to happen on the part of Nkulula despite recurrent intimidation and arrests that had become part of his lifestyle.  


Besides his advocacy for nonviolent opposition, Nkulula would sensitize the ordinary Congolese on their rights and freedoms activities which mostly put him in the limelight.  


Recently, he added his voice to the widespread demand for President Kabila to step down and give way for peaceful and transparent election as a fundamental condition for peaceful transition of power.


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