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PEAC pushes for boost of energy access

Written by: George Kalisa
Thursday, June 7th, 2018, 7:05

Rwanda’s Infrastructure Minister, Amb. Claver Gatete has today officially opened the Central African Power Pool Conference (PEAC) in the capital Kigali with a call to boost access to energy to propel African development. Gatete said that all leaders are agreed that boosting electricity access was the way to go.  The conference has attracted ministers and representative of PEAC from eleven countries.


“Boosting access to electricity in our respective countries is an absolute imperative. We are all convinced of the importance of energy in the development of our continent Minister,” observed Gatete.


The meeting will discuss strategies to strengthen infrastructure development in the region including energy to stimulate economic growth.


The minister cited the central African region as one endowed with huge reserves of resources that are viable.  

                                                                                                                                                   Claver Gatete

“Central Africa has huge reserves of renewable energy resources - hydro, solar, wind energy, geothermal - as well as non-renewables like thermal, peat, coal to mention a few, which are technically and financially viable,” said Gatete.


He encouraged delegates to leverage synergies to develop vibrant energy sectors.  


“There is urgency to work in synergy to raise cheaper resources, both financial and human resources, to develop a vibrant energy sector,” noted the minister.


Rwanda has already embarked on the exploitation of all sources of energy in partnership with the private sector.


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