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Mnangagwa assures world of free polls in Zimbabwe

Written by: George Kalisa
Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, 5:24

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said today that the first elections without Former President Robert Mugabe since 1980 will be free, fair and transparent. Mnangagwa said the 2018 harmonised elections are slated to take place on July30.


He called upon his fellow presidential candidates to focus on pertinent issues that affect Zimbabweans throughout their campaigns in a peaceful manner.


“I am delighted to proclaim July 30 as the date for the 2018 harmonised elections. These elections will be free, fair and transparent, and the voice of the people will be heard,” Mnangagwa said through twitter.


 “I call on all candidates to campaign peacefully and focus on the issues that really matter,” added Mnangagwa.


His main political challenger in the presidential race is the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa. The MDC flag bearer who promises he will build an ICT based economy accused President Mnangagwa of being a citizen in the analogue era


“The first thing we want to put to order is how the government operates and how the economy is run through the use of ICTs; Mnangagwa and his government do not understand this because they are still in the analogue era,” Chamisa told supporters.


The July poll will be the first one held without President Mugabe on the bullot paper. Former ZANU-PF party leader, Robert Mugabe, ruled Zimbabwe since Independence from Britain in 1980 until November 21, 2017 when he resigned from his post as President. The 93-year old is a revered statesman and god father of Zimbabwe, a country he led for 37 years.


There is time for everything. Your Pan-Africanism spirit and obsession to cling to power will be remembered by Africa’s posterity and your name went down into history books for many reasons including being Africa’s most educated President and mentor of past, present and future African leaders. He expelled the white farmers in the 2000s for your people to get land.


He weathered through difficult times that included sanctions aimed at protecting white privileges, resulting in alarming economic challenges. However, an ardent Mugabe loyalist and former Education Minister Jonathan Moyo said Mugabe was ousted by a “military coup” and triggered his resignation.


Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s statesman is in hot soup as the current government demands he faces justice. President Mugabe on May28 snubbed for the second time by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy which expects him to give information relating the alleged loss of a staggering US$15 billion worth of diamonds revenue during his tenure.


However, the committee wrote final summons to him asking that he appears before it without fail on June11. The first hearing had been slated on May23.


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