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Uganda blames escalating kidnapping and murders on terrorism

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018, 7:02

Ugandan police have today said during a press briefing in the capital, Kampala that terrorism is behind the rising cases of kidnaps and murders in the country. At least 42 kidnap cases across the country have been registered since February, the Police sources have revealed.


“For example the late Suzan Magara was murdered by individuals suspected to be terrorists,” local media quoted Police Chief Okoth Martin Ochola.


The suspected criminals still at large, according to the country’s Police have four motives, including soliciting money to advance terrorism activities and human sacrifice.


Police have said they have apprehended at least eight suspects in connection with the murders as vigorous investigations continue across the pearl of Africa.


Ugandan security has, however, contended that some are faked kidnaps.     

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