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I delivered on my promise – Miss Rwanda 2017

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Monday, February 5th, 2018, 17:22

Outgoing Miss Rwanda 2017, Elsa Iradukunda, has said today during an exclusive interview that she delivered on the Made in Rwanda project that largely made her win highly competitive Miss Rwanda beauty Pageant 2017. She had promised Rwandans that she would during her reign promote “made in Rwanda” products.


Iradukunda added that besides promoting made in Rwanda products, she devoted her life doing charity work and developing talents among Rwandan youth.


“You’re absolutely right my project during the 2017 Miss Rwanda race was promoting “made in Rwanda” products. I am proud to inform Rwandans that with their cooperation and support I have successfully delivered on my promise,” said Iradukunda.


Iradukunda said she visited and interacted with all entrepreneurs involved in the production of local products during which she encouraged and shared her vision of a vibrant, export-based Rwandan economy.


In addition, she demystified the mindset formerly rampant among youth that preferred foreign made products to domestic ones. Her efforts which included school outreaches have positively impacted on the demand of local commodities.


“I have reached out to youths in schools explaining the power and merits of having an economy that depends on exports over imports. The youth now proudly use local products, which has a multiplier effect on demand of local goods and I am glad to see my dream project wining more popularity,” added Iradukunda.


On charity, Iradukunda used her office to revive hope for a better future to many who had lived in helpless desperation for years. She used her influence to partner with Kabgayi Hospital to have 200 Rwandans undergo free cataract surgery.


“Some eye patients that had lost sight for three to five years started seeing after being operated on,” observed Iradukunda.


Apart from launching swimming competitions, which will continue even after leaving office Iradukunda pledged and started paying Primary education for 11 pupils.



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