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National Employment program boosted to support off-farm jobs

Written by: Tuyizere Daniel
Thursday, July 20th, 2017, 11:59

The government of Sweden has given Rwanda frw6.2 Billion to support the National Employment program in creation of off farm jobs.


The  support will put emphasis on hands-on skills for youth in trades with high employability potentials; training in response to the needs of emerging investment companies with special focus to companies engaged in “Made in Rwanda”; supporting youth who are graduating in TVET to enterprise their technical skills through the acquisition of start-up toolkits for self- employment and others.


Rwanda’s EDPRS II recognizes the important role of employment for economic development and poverty reduction and calls for equals to 200,000 off-farm jobs to be created each year to meet the employment needs of the growing labour force.


The Program is articulated under EDPRSII as a tool to strengthen the coordination of Employment programs through the establishment of a framework for better planning, implementation and coordination of employment programs from different stakeholders engaged in job creation and employment promotion.


The national employment program is a five-year program, designed to create new jobs and to enhance the productivity of existing jobs through equipping people with productive skills and promoting entrepreneurship for small and medium enterprises growth.


The first agreement on cooperation between Sweden and the Government of Rwanda was signed in November 2014 to support the implementation of NEP activities in last three years (from Nov 2014 to June 2017) with a grant worth frw9.3 Billion and has mainly contributed to the creation of 80,672 jobs.



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