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Clinique Medicale St Ange Celebrates 15 years excellence

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Friday, July 14th, 2017, 6:01

The health sector and Rwandans should be proud of him. There are few doctors in the country with the same qualifications, experience and passion for work. Perhaps, this could be one the reason Clinique Medicale St Ange has stood the test of time to celebrate 15 years of existence and high quality service delivery.


Dr Charles Ntiyamira, the founder and medical director at Clinique Medicale StAnge graduated in medicine from Russia and worked in public hospitals before he went private in 2002. Ntiyamira says the high demand for high quality services in the health sector compelled him to start the facility. 


“I opened the clinic solely to offer medical services to people who yearned for quick delivery of quality healthcare,” Ntiyamira says. The doctor recalls that there were a few private clinics by then in Kigali that could satisfy the huge demand and meet the high medical standards. 


Along its 15-year journey, the clinic has attracted the admiration of city dwellers for its rare services and attention to small health details, making its services unequalled.


“Clinique Medicale StAnge has gained credibility in offering medical services to people in Kigali and they can easily access required medical services”, says Dr Ntiyamira.


General consultation, simple surgery, hospitalisation, paediatrics and laboratory services are some of the services it offers.


The number of clients has gradually been growing over the time - many residents of Kicukiro and the neighbourhood being the main beneficiaries. Today, the facility meets all its operational costs, salaries and rent.


However, revenues are affected by the few medical insurance companies working with the Clinique. People insured with companies that do not work with the Clinique cannot access the services despite of advantages relates to proximity and quality health services.


The Medical Director calls for government intervention to ensure that insurance companies can work with the available healthcare facilities for patients to easily choose where they can seek the services easily.


“I wish to work with all medical insurance companies including mutuelle de santé so that people have many alternatives for where they can be treated,” Dr Ntiyamira observes.


Based on the services provided by Clinique Medicale StAnge, Medical Director notes that they are in plans to expand the Clinique and increase on the services offered as they get the resources.


Clinique Medicale StAnge is located in Kigarama Sector of Kicukiro District.



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