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Kanombe sector pays tribute to Genocide victims

Written by: Tuyizere Daniel
Tuesday, June 13th, 2017, 13:01

Leaders and citizens from Kanombe sector have visited Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre to pay tribute to victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.


Visiting the genocide memorial centre on Sunday, Deo Nshimyimana, President of Kanombe advisory committee revealed that their aim was to get to see and know about the history of genocide that started in Bugesera.


Nshimyimana said the reason they choose to visit Ntarama was that it is where genocide against Tutsi started, because Bugesera is where Genocide was tried first before implemented in the rest of the country.


Historically, Bugesera was heavily forested with swamp and areas that were infested by the tsetse fly. After the violence in 1959-1962 when Tutsis living the northern region of the country were forcibly relocated to the Bugesera region.


“Genocide remembrance is for everyone to remember the victims of genocide and a show of respect, to recognise their good deeds and continue walking in their shoes” Nshimyimana added.


During the visit, they laid wreaths on graves and observed a minute of silence in honour of the victims.


Ntarama genocide memorial is dedicated to the 5,000 people who lost their lives there and contains human remains, clothing, and artifacts belonging to those who were killed at the church.



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