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Rwanda pushes for a market-led agriculture

Written by: George Kalisa
Thursday, June 8th, 2017, 14:44

Agriculture and Animal Resources Minister, Dr. Gerardine Mukeshimana has said that her institution is preoccupied with the engagement of several development partners and experts to revolutionize the climate resilient ministry to increase its GDP contribution which currently stands at 33 per cent.


Mukeshimana said that attaining the sector’s aspirations that include food security, nutrition health and sustainable agricultural growth propelled by market drivers will exclusively take a centre stage during the six-year strategic plan for agriculture transformation (PSTA4) that is about to be unveiled.


“The current sector strategic plan (PSTA3) expires in 2017/18 financial year and my ministry is elaborating the PSTA4 to continue supporting, implementing and promoting strategies aiming at attaining the sector aspirations on food security, nutritional health and sustainable agricultural growth from a market-led agricultural sector,” Mukeshimana observed.


The three-day consultative seminar defined with a high presence of agriculture donors and experts from within and across the globe that kicked off on Wednesday in Kigali is largely sponsored by the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO). Others sponsors include the USAID, World Bank, UKaid, EU and TAF.


Mukeshimana extended gratitude to FAO and other partners that work closely with her ministry to ensure social protection.


“Our partners like FAO and others have helped in catering for people with limited land capacity,” she noted.


The PSTA4 knowledge seminar attracted high level agricultural and environmental researchers who agree that an agro-food centric policy would help to build a resilient agriculture system.


“To build a resilient agricultural system that is capable of absorbing the shock is important so as to avert looming chronic food insecurity in some countries,” noted Jawdat Badawieh, the Commercial Director Middle East and Africa. 


The seminar running on “Let’s innovate for a productive, Green and Market-led Agriculture sector” as theme has lauded Rwanda for its stance in implementing the concluding PSTA3 and said Rwanda is one of the six countries that provide models in agricultural transformation with increasing acreage under irrigation. Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mali were the others with impressive results in agricultural transformation.



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