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Tycoon Rwigara picks forms from Rwanda’s electoral commission

Written by: George Kalisa
Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, 18:28

Rwandan woman activist turned politician, Diane Rwigara on Wednesday picked forms from the National Electoral commission (NEC) that she will use to gather mandatory signatures from voters across the country.


Speaking to the media shortly after picking the forms, Rwigara, who last week surprised the nation when she declared her intentions to run for President in the August polls said that she was determined to run for president. She added that she has enormous support to win the upcoming election with a landslide.


“First step is successful; NEC has given me the forms on which my seconders will sign as a manifestation that they want me to be the next President,” Rwigara said.


A candidate to qualify for nomination Rwigara says “as one of the NEC requirements I must present 12 signatures from each of the 30 districts of Rwanda,” she told the media at the brief press conference at the NEC premises at Kimihurura in Kigali.


Asked whether she was ready for the August polls, Rwigara said her supporters countrywide had already started drumming up support, adding that equipment related to her campaigning regalia is set.


Rwigara will start her country tour to gather the signatures this Friday.


During the declaration Rwigara promised Rwandans restoration of good governance, social justice and prosperity for all.  She said she has a tangible manifesto that addresses challenges in health, education, security, trade, ICT and transport; adding a reconstruction of the country was urgent and only a lady of her caliber would do it.


Rwigara, a daughter of a Rwandan tycoon who lost life in an accident in 2015 has since then been disgruntled by her father’s death which she says was not natural.


So far four Rwandans have declared their candidature including the incumbent President Paul Kagame who was requested by the masses to run for his third term in office.



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