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Illegal mining of Amethyst on private property uncovered

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, 11:36

Sector Kavumu: A rig into illegal mining of colored stones called “Amethyst” was last week uncovered conducting illegal activities on private properties. The operation to uncover the illegal acts was conducted in the Western Province, Ngororero District, Kavumu Sector, Tetero and Rugeshi Cells.


According to information gathered in the area, those involved in illegal mining are some Sri Lankan and Rwandan nationals, they include; Mohamed Jamaldeen Mohamed Jawsar and Mohamed Jamaldeen, Mohamed Rasmy of Sri Lanka nationality, others close to them are David Muhire connected to Dr Emmanuel Munyengabe and Kagaba Fiizi (aka Munyakazi).


It appears that substantial funding had been promised by the Sri Lankans and part of it already used to pave a road leading to the concession for the purpose of facilitating their operation and transport. The excavator was brought from Gabiro, Eastern Province, under the initiative of Munyakazi and hidden in Karunda Sector, Rugeshi Cell, between the Villages of Gasumo and Mwiyanika.


To launch their operations into privately owned mines without authorization was marked by the presence of Dr. Lt Colonel Emmanuel Munyengabe who, after writing an expropriation correspondence to the owners on 10 February 2017, launched this illegal work on the weekend of 17 February 2017.


It was in the village of Muzingo, Kivugiza hill, where these mines are found. yet, as a senior officer in the Department of Mines, was responsible for enforcing the law governing the operation of mines. About three tons of amethysts would have been washed away.


These illegal activities were carried out in the light of the local administration of Ngororero and some army officers whose mission was to keep these properties for some time. Would they all be complicit in these illegal activities? How was this robbery stopped? We will know in future investigations.


However, according to information gathered in the region, the owners of these concessions have formed a company called ZILO Investment Ltd and have already identified foreign partners. They are all awaiting a license to start work authorized by government authorities (End)


Source: RNA News


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