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College of Education to relocate to Rukara

Written by: Tuyizere Daniel
Monday, February 27th, 2017, 14:42

The University of Rwanda - College of Education, Remera campus is soon merging with Rukara and will relocate from its Kigali headquarters in Remera to Rukara campus in the Eastern Province effective the next academic year.


According to Prof. George Njoroge, the Principal of College of Education, the decision to merge the two campuses of Rukara and Remera is within the framework of reforms undertaken to effectively rationalize resources and take advantage of economies of scale at the University of Rwanda.


“The purpose of Education is the public good, it must use the resources that have been allocated in a noble manner, and it means they want us to be efficient and effective institution. We need to focus, we need to look at how we use resources and focus on our core business which is teaching and learning, ensuring that we are an institution fit for purpose,” underlined Prof. Njoroge.


“Sometimes there is a feeling that we don’t have resources, but we need to be innovative, we need to look at resources we have; critically, rationally, and ensure that we are using those resources for the best.” He added.


Reforms in Rwanda’s public universities started in 2013 when seven public higher institutions of learning were merged to create the University of Rwanda (UR) to ensure an effective and efficient university.


Previously, each institutions was autonomous established by law and sharing of resources was difficult but with one university it’s now possible to share all available resources including academic materials, personnel and infrastructures.


The College of Education, Remera campus started operations in 1999 as Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) with a mandate to train lower and upper secondary school teachers as well as tutors.  The College of Education is charged with teacher education in academic, assessment and certification of all teachers at all levels from primary to secondary school level.



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