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Continental aviation summit underway in Kigali

Written by: Our Reporter
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, 15:49

Over 500 delegates are meeting in Kigali for two days to deliberate on the African aviation industry. The Aviation Africa 2017 summit opened this Wednesday and seeks to attract investment in the aviation sector on the continent.


President Paul Kagame opened the forum encouraging open space policies on the African continent. He underlined that, Rwanda on its part has accepted to open skies to other countries.


Kagame called on the African nations to implement the Yamoussoukro decision, “Yamoussoukro Decision still needs to be implemented and Africa remains more connected with other continents than internally. Rwanda has stepped up efforts towards the creation of a single African air transport market by fully opening up our skies. This is an exciting time for our country and continent as we see new capabilities bringing us closer to the prosperous future. We remain enthusiastic about the renewed focus on the growth of aviation in Africa. As we work to expand regional transportation and digital networks, we must do the same with air transport. When our skies are closed it is harder to make air transport safer, more reliable and more affordable.”


Top on the agenda at the two day conference is to discuss how to liberalise African airspace, promote infrastructure and address high costs of operations.


Speakers at the conference pointed at the possible benefits of the aviation industry and its potential to spur economic growth across the continent.


The Aviation Africa conference in Kigali brought together 550 delegates from 58 countries including 120 airlines delegates and 56 exhibiting companies.


This summit is the second of its nature but the first to be held on the African continent, the first one was held in Dubai in 2015.



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