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Top leaders readies for annual retreat

Written by: Our Reporter
Tuesday, February 7th, 2017, 17:40

The annual leadership retreat slated for from February 25 to March 1 will focus social-economic programs, Stella Ford Mugabo, the Minister in charge of Cabinet Affairs told reporters at the Prime Minister’s office.


Minister Mugabo said the 14th leadership retreat to be hosted at the Rwanda Defence Forces Combat Training Centre in Gabiro, Gatsibo District will be dealing with national social, economic sectors and programs.


The retreat scheduled to take more days than the previous ones will focus extensively on vision 2020 progress, delivery of quality services to the citizens, settlement and urbanization, trade and industry for growth with emphasis on trade, energy & ICT infrastructure, as well as human capital development.


“We have planned to use more days in the retreat because we want leaders to reflect on implementation of several national programs, like the Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS 2), Vision 2020 and also to look at Vision 2050”  said Minister Mugabo.


Government organizes an annual retreat every year that brings together senior leaders to discuss national priorities affirm the country’s shared vision to become a knowledge driven, middle-income country by 2020 and renew momentum to achieve development objectives.


Umwiherero, meaning retreat, refers to a tradition in Rwandan culture whereby leaders would convene to reflect on issues affecting their communities.



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