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Rwanda least corrupt nation in the region

Written by: Our Reporter
Friday, January 27th, 2017, 8:32

Rwanda has been ranked as the least country in the East African Region by the global corruption rankings. The country was placed at 50th position out of 176, Tanzania followed at 116, Kenya at 145, Uganda at 151 and Burundi at 159. Somalia was the worst performing country in the world followed closely by South Sudan.


The Corruption Perception Index released Wednesday ranked African countries and placed Rwanda along with Mauritius as the third least corrupt country in Sub-Sahara Africa.


The country scored 54 points in the annual report by Transparency International, coming in the same position as Mauritius after Botswana and Cape Verde in the first and second place respectively.


Last year the same report ranked Rwanda as the fourth least corrupt country in Africa and 44th globally.


The report has urged African leaders that come to office on an “anti-corruption ticket” to live up to their pledges to deliver corruption-free services to their citizens.


“They must implement their commitments to the principles of governance, democracy and human rights. This includes strengthening the institutions that hold their governments accountable, as well as the electoral systems that allow citizens to either re-elect them or freely choose an alternative,” the report noted.


The Democratic Republic of Congo and The Gambia, which both declined, demonstrate how electoral democracy is tremendously challenged in African countries because of corruption.



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