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Telcom company start mobile TV streaming in Rwanda

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Friday, January 6th, 2017, 12:46

Users of MTN mobile operations can now stream and share videos, following the launch of an Android-based mobile app called MTN TV ‘Irebere Nawe’ Innovation.


“MTN TV is based on a local cloud concept whereby all content is available locally here in Rwanda which enables users to stream video content nearly two times faster than non locally hosted content, saving the customer on buffering time,” said Gaspard Bayigane, senior manager of marketing operations, MTN Rwanda.


In a statement, MTN Rwanda says that customers will be able to select the channels of their choice from a bouquet of channels, but will need to pay RWF100 (US$0.12) for a data bundle to receive them.


“The MTN TV service will deliver an exciting bouquet of rich local and international content to Rwandans. This service bears testimony to the commitment of the company to lead innovation and customer satisfaction in the industry,” added Bayigane.


The mobile application provides an additional platform for content providers – such as TV networks, artists, film producers, comedians, musicians and media houses – to share their content, he added.


The app also offers clients the means to advertise their products and services as in-app ads or pop-up ads that appear in the process of streaming or browsing the app menus.(End)


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