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Fuel pump prices increased

Written by: Our Reporter
Wednesday, January 4th, 2017, 14:53

Fuel pump prices have been increased to Rwf 970 per litre of petrol from Rwf 948 while a litre of diesel was raised to Rwf 932 from Rwf 914. The new petroleum prices in Kigali take effect this Wednesday, January 04th 2017.


Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA) announced the increase in a statement attributing the increase of oil prices on the changes on the international market.


Pump prices have been fluctuating every few months, the last increase was in November 2016 where Petrol prices were most affected and these changes are said to always depend on fluctuations on the international market.


On announcing the changes, RURA said the increase should not impact on public transport fares.


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