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National air carrier acquire new Boeing

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, 14:06

Named after the country’s tallest mountain, Karisimbi is the latest aircraft acquisition by RwandAir that touched down at Kigali International Airport on Wednesday evening.


Karisimbi, the brand new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation was negotiated last December between RwandAir and Aircraft Lease Corporation, an American based lessor to acquire two brand new aircrafts.


The second aircraft delivery named Muhabura is expected in May 2017. RwandAir becomes the first airline in Africa and second globally to acquire a Boeing 737-800NG equipped with inflight connectivity on a line-fit program. The 154-seater aircraft in a dual- class cabin configuration are identical to the two Boeing 737-800 NG with the first Boeing Sky Interior in Africa purchased six years ago. According to John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir, “the proven operating economics and passenger comfort make the aircraft, the right equipment to deploy on our medium haul flights and as we continue to expand our network, we are delighted to offer a Wi-Fi fully connected aircraft to serve today’s sophisticated traveler.”


“RwandAir’s young fleet will grow to twelve aircraft and its capacity in terms of seats will double with the acquisition of the fourth B737-800NG and its second A330 (300 series),” Mirenge added.


The national air carrier in September this year received its first wide-bodied A330 (200 series) aircraft as part of its expansion strategy. RwandAir will receive its fourth B737-800NG in May 2017, and its second A330 before the end of this month. The airline plans in 2017 to add four more destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States of America. Currently RwandAir reaches out to nineteen cities in Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa and the Middle East. Plans are to commence long haul operations to Mumbai which will be enabled by its new acquisitions.

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