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At the heart of peacebuilding in Rwanda

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016, 6:16
Eleven years ago, Umuhuza, a nongovernment organization was founded in Rwanda with a rationale of building a society in which communities live in harmony, mutual respect and dignity. “We seek to nurture a culture of peace through education, specifically centering parent’s involvement in the promotion and improvement of child education in a bid to foster peaceful and law abiding citizens,” says Mathilde Kayitesi, the Executive Secretary of Umuhuza. In our mission we undertake to promote a culture of peace through adherence to conflict management and resolution principals and respect for human rights, she adds. For purposes of recognition, Umuhuza entails to be service and training center in peace management of conflicts, family literacy, listening and advisory partners for victims of violence and an outlet for dialogue within communities. With our promoted values of mutual respect, honesty and integrity, justice, solidarity, and commitment, we strive to reach our objectives which involve instilling a culture of peace and conflict management in the community, promote mutual respect, justice, social and economic equity, revive Rwanda’s positive traditional values of culture regarding conflict management and strengthening social cohesion by promoting education and the culture of open dialogue within different communities. At the heart of peace building in Rwanda Umuhuza works in four district of the country including Ngororero, Gasabo, Burera, and Gicumbi. The organization intends to expand to 26 districts across the country in a program called ‘Murekedusome’(School –Community Partnership for Education )- promoting a reading culture.

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